November 17, 12:30
Make-Up Show 2018: It is worth watching!
We would like to invite make-up artists to take part in the Make-Up Show 2018 to be held as part of the Health & Beauty Forum on November 17, 2018.

Makeup artists will create a wedding make-up on stage, whereas the invited experts will discuss and evaluate the projects they like most. Further, all the models will take part in the 'Brides' Parade'. They will walk not only on the runway, but throughout the whole forum space, so that all visitors can enjoy the make-up creations of our participants.

Make-Up Show is an excellent platform for both beginners and professionals. The beginners will be granted a real chance to express themselves and gain a unique experience and an exclusive portfolio, whereas professionals will get an opportunity to implement their long-standing creative ideas, while gaining extra promotion and attracting new customers.

For participation in the Make-Up Show please contact project coordinator Anna Lally at or call 96 414148.
Limassol wedding make up contest 2018 is sponsored by MAC Professional Makeup and Kypwell.
The concept of the competition
The competition is for professionals only.

All participants have equal chances for the title of champion in their nomination.
The competition consists of 1 nomination: "Wedding make-up".

The contest is promoting the the profession of the make-up artist, defines new trends in fashion; and improves the professional skills of participating masters.

The organizers of the contest strive to make the event colorful and attractive both for the public (potential customers) and for directors of salons.

Information for participants
1. The age of the participants is not limited.
2. The application for participation in the Championship must be submitted no later than 1 of November, 2018. Registration fee and participation in the training is 50 euros.

Criteria for a model
Only female;
Older than 16 years;
Without permanent make-up;
Without extended eyelashes.

Time of work
Model must not have any makeup on their faces.
Wedding image: 1 hour 15 min

Not allowed
1) use of fantasy elements and face-art elements in make-up;
2) using the airbrush on stage;
3) the use of stencils and patterns;
4) use of sketches;
5) use of a decor that does not correspond to the theme of the contest and the image;
6) performance of correction of the person before the beginning of the competition;
7) use of a mobile phone during work.

1) the use of decor elements and accessories that correspond to the image: false eyelashes, rhinestones, jewelry or clutch.
2) use of the watch during the work.

Criteria for evaluation
1) technique (the quality of makeup, symmetry, correction);
2) color (selection of shades, the quality of color transitions);
3) image (correspondence to the theme, integrity and completeness of the image).
Sponsors of the event
Sponsors of the Event
For participation please contact
Anna Lally
☎ +357 96 414148

Marina Michailidou
☎ +357 99 449557, 25 590530 (Rus, En, Gr)