Hair Battle
One of a kind hair styling competition that gave hairdressers a unique chance to express themselves. 16 professional hairdressers from Cyprus salons have shown their most creative work and ought for the trophy - 1000 Euro award from LALLY ANNA MAKEUP company. Only hairstyling was done on stage (no cutting or coloring). Time for hairstyling was 1 hour. Theme for the Battle was retro: vintage objects, accessories and golden oldies music.

The winner of our amazing Hair Battle is Marina Safronova!
2 place: Engy Zakaria
3 place: Svetlana Martiniva
4 place: Anastasia Gorgola
5 place: Natasha Kalaydjian
6 place: Nadezhda Podlinova
7 place: Katrin Shulga
We would like to thank all sponsors, judges, participants and models for their support of this beautiful event!
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Sponsor of the event
The Jury
Christopher Stavrinides
Fashion, Portrait, Beauty and Fine-art Photographer
Christopher's love for photography began at a young age and after emigrating to Cyprus he got seriously involved in photography and now shoots freelance for Moi Ostrov Magazine as well as taking on private work.
Кирилл Мазников
Призёр этапа чемпионата России. 3 место, региональный чемпионат, Екатеринбург.
Призёр этапа чемпионата России. 3 место, региональный чемпионат, Екатеринбург. 1. Международный учебный центр парикмахерского искусства и эстетики "Май" Санкт-Петербург, школа "Pivot Point", красный диплом. 2. Stephane University Франция, техники французских стрижек. 3. Rainbow Room International, Великобритания 4. Академия Toni&Guy Москва 5. Академия "L'oreal Professional" Москва, регулярное посещение семинаров и мастер-классов, повышение квалификации
Жан Марк Ле Наур
В течение 12 лет представлял французский бренд Jacques Dessange в Париже.
Жан Марк Ле Наур родился во Франции. С 16 лет вся его жизнь была посвящена парихмахерскому искусству. Именно благодаря им такие техники как Балаяж стали известны за пределами Франции. Жан Марк обучал парихмахерскому искусству по новым эксклюзивным методам в уходе за волосами более 20 лет.
Последние 17 лет Жан Марк живет на Кипре, где работает над развитием собственного бренда Ahaba HairSpa, привнося новые стандарты простоты и гармонии.
Victor Nasr
Lebanese Cypriot owner and director Hairstylist @ Victorio Hairdressing
Lebanese Cypriot owner and director Hairstylist @ Victorio Hairdressing
Over 25 years in hair industry Haircut balayage colouring and hair extensions specialists!!! Love hair , fashion, design and music What ever you make make it with love !!! Victorio hairdressing located at louki akrita 8 limassol cyprus.
Joseph Beaini
Hairdresser, salon owner
Learned at Jean Louis David Hairdressing Paris and had his own hairdressing business in Beirut, Lebanon. In 2012 moved to Cyprus and created his own company – Joseph & Niki Beani: Art & Style and a salon in the 4 Seasons hotel remaining till this day. The company was stretched into a bigger business by occupying two salons in Amatus Hotel both in Limassol and Paphos.

With fashion being a very dominant part of his life participated in many fashion events including his own fashion hair show in Cyprus. Attended many fashion shows around the world such as France, UK and Germany and countless seminars all around Europe.

Remi Sabbah
Lebanese Turkish fashion designer, works under the more familiar Mlle Epaulette Label
Remi Sabbah was born in Beriut Lebanon in 1987. The Lebanese Turkish fashion designer works under the more familiar Mlle Epaulette Label.

Remi studied and worked alongside Angelo Russica, former head of Design for Gianni Versace. She continued to work and reside in Europe while she complemented her studies in ESMOD, Paris. Since then Remi enjoyed collaborations with leading professionals of the fashion industry. Remi's love for styling, blogging, designing and photography led her to establish her own clothing brand Mlle Epaulette.
For participation please contact
Marina Michailidou
☎ 99 449557, 25 590530 (Rus, En, Gr)