Agenda of Health & Beauty Workshops
The list of November workshops is underway.

Here you can have a look at workshops Agenda and lecturers
of the previous Health and Beauty Forum.
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Mrs. Marina Michailidou, Event Manager (general information)
☎ 99 449557, 25 590530,
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Mr. Sean Alimov, Commercial Director (sponsorship packages)
☎ 97 754126, 25 590530,
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Mrs. Olesia Emelianova, Sales Executive (booth reservation)
☎ 99359085, 25 590530,
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Mr. Sergey Hill, Sales Executive (presentations and promo activities)
☎ 96941573, 25 590530,
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Mrs. Irina Patsalidou, Sales Executive (lectures, presentations, promo activities)
☎ 97745594, 25 590530,
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