Programme of the Forum
Opening Hours
Saturday 23.03 from 11:00-16:00
Sunday 24.03 from 11:00-18:00
SATURDAY 23.03.2019
11:00 Zumbakids.
11:30 Creativity Boost Chocolate Workshop.
12:00 Spring Youth Fashion Show.
13:00 Krio Show by Kidseventcyprus.
13:30 Glamformation by Ilona: Free Glamorous Makeup Masterclass by Ilona Garamvolgy.
14:30 TANGO Masterclass by TANGONEON Limassol.
15:00 Georgios Iosif's Workshop: Spring Makeup Fantasy.

Lottery Draw every hour on the main stage

17:00-20:00 VIP-party.
Invitations only.
SUNDAY 24.03.2019
11:30 BODYBALANCE Masterclass
12:00 Bubbles and Mirror Unicorns Show by Cyprus Shows.
12:30 Creativity Boost Chocolate Workshop.
13:00 Creative Makeup by Krisztina Korosi.
14:00 Bridal Hairstyle presentation by Eleni Mimi
15:00 Cooking Presentation by Family Chef.
16:00 Free Zumba Masterclass from Zumba Instructors of Cyprus.
16:30 SS-2019 Milavitsa & Alisee Llingerie and Swimwear Catwalk.
17:00 Presentation of Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios.
17:15 Nia Fashion New Collection Catwalk.

Lottery Draw every hour on the main stage

All the seminars and workshops are free for the visitors.
Sunday, March, 24, 11:30
Ideal for anyone and everyone, BODYBALANCE™is the yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life.

During BODYBALANCE an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started. You'll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centered. Happy.
SLOVARIS BEAUTY SCHOOL is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Well renowned school with great training all over the island offers after care classes, volunteering for fashion shows, Events and great connections with renowned brands worldwide.

Sotiris Lovaris (the Founder) and Make-up artists from Greece and Cyprus offer training|seminars from the brands sponsored.

SLOVARIS BEAUTY SCHOOL offers assisting and work opportunities all over the country, graduates backstage assisting opportunities with designers, editorials and the islands largest fashion houses. It's the only Make-up school to offer students free seminars, ongoing education and network building with world famous industry names and cosmetic companies.
Sunday, March, 24
Bridal Hairstyle presentation by Eleni Mimi
When creativity met hairdressing, an inspirational place named Miele Hair & Beauty Spa was born in 2004. Thanks to its creator Eleni Mimi – who stands out for her keen desire for a continuous self-professional development and her commitment to fulfil her clients' expectations – Miele Hair & Beauty Spa has already put its signature and has gained an outstanding position in the field of beauty and hairdressing in Cyprus.
SUNDAY 24.03, 17:00
Presentation of Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios
Arthur Murray has been teaching the world to dance for 107 years since 1912 with over 280 schools worldwide. More than 40 million people have learned to dance all kind of Ballroom and Latin Dances. Our system of teaching is a combination of Personal lessons, group lessons and Practice Night Parties.

Arthur Murray offers convenient times allowing you to Walk In and Dancing Out .

Dancing the Arthur Murray way has great benefits as increasing self-confidence, losing weight, overcoming shyness, maintaining a better health and physical exercise, improving appearance, a mean of expression… and much more.
Saturday, March, 23
Crio-show by Kidseventcyprus
Kidseventcyprus company organises events for children and adults for over 7 years. They perform over 300 shows per year. A broad experience and a professional team help Kidseventcyprus find more and more new ideas, including crio-show, polystyrol show, Tesla-show, paper show, bubble show, molecular kitchen and molecular bar. You will see one of these shows at Health and Beauty Forum on March, 23.
23/03 11:30
24/03 12:30
Creativity Boost Chocolate Workshop
Curious and creative kids (6-12 years) and their parents are welcome to our Creativity Boost Chocolate Workshop.

In course of half an hour you will create a chocolate bar filled with your own signature filling selected out of wide range of tastes available.

Raw chocolate, fillings, space and napkins are provided ))) Of course, you take your chocolate bar home to share with the closest ones and get a very well earned excitement.

Sunday, March, 24, 13:00
Creative Makeup by Krisztina Korosi
Krisztina Korosi - award winning makeup artist. Her colourfull style and creativity create only the highest result and very unique.
Aqua Technique and Creative Makeup Follower.

Joint Work with renowned photographers and models has won different positions around the world. Her artwork can be found across Europewide in magazines, fashion designers catalogues, advertising boards. She is a senior makeup artist the Pierre Renne professional. Official retailer of the ESZTETIKA MAKEUP pro makeup brushes. Runs her own makeup school in Paphos and soon in Budapest as well.

Founder of MUA Workshops, which provides opportunities for all MUA's to learn from the greatest worldwide experienced masters artists in the latest techniques.
Sunday, March, 24, 15:00
Cooking Presentation by Family Chef
Familychef is a new and unique service company in Cyprus. Through Familychef you can prepare homemade quality meals quick and easy without even visiting a grocery store! Just visit and select the meal you like to prepare.

Choose among 20+ delicious quality meals including salads, meats, fish, poultry, ethnic, low calorie and children meals. A box will arrive at your door step with the precise and prepped ingredients of the recipe so that you can prepare the meal within 30 minutes! All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions of the recipe card included in the box! And one last thing! Menu is updated every 2 weeks so you will never get bored with the meals!

Familychef will demonstrating meal kits live on stage at Health & Beauty Forum.
23-24 of March
G.Bar at Health & Beauty Forum
This time at Health & Beauty Forum you will have an opportunity to visit the zone of G.Bar Limassol, you must have heard about this salon, but the way better!

G.Bar is a franchise chain of beauty-bars represented in 8 countries, 22 cities and now in Limassol, in Cyprus.
G. is famous for it's legendary braids & hairstyles, dream makeups, ideal manicures & pedicures, hair cuts and hair coloring as well.

On 23-24 of March G.Babes will make braids & fashion makeups. We do recommend you to stand in queue in advance for being totally gorgeous, not only beautiful.

Saturday, March, 23, 12:00
Spring Youth Fashion Show
Umbrella Modelling Agency and Deluxe Events Agency will present a Spring Youth Fashion Show at the Health and Beauty Forum including outfits by We-Space, Trend Set, Valeria Fitness and Gulliver.

Umbrella Agency is a successful company that is both a Modelling School and a Modelling Agency providing quality training and coaching to models, representing models to clients and acting as their manager to make sure they have the best jobs in the modelling industry. The company is active in Larnaka, Limassol and Nicosia and provides a Modelling Diploma.

Deluxe Events is one of the most successful Cypriot agencies which works in the international market for more than 10 years, professionally organising weddings, holidays, christenings and parties in the best places in Cyprus. Each event is unique and carefully planned, with special attention to every detail.

You will see for yourselves the truly excellent work of these agencies at the Spring Youth Fashion Show at the Health and beauty Forum!
Saturday, March, 23, 14:00
Tango Masterclass by Tangoneón Limassol
Grigoris Adamidis
Professional Argentine Tango Instructor with dancing experience since 2013 and teaching since 2015 Since the beginning, Grigoris is constantly seeking for more knowledge and improvement
of his abilities to a high-level professional tango dancer and instructor, dedicated to develop strong tango dancers.
Grigoris has teached in several dance studios in different cities of Cyprus being based always in Limassol. Today, his group classes are being held at Dance Studio Moon with the assistance of his
partner Sophia under the name of the team he has created, Tangoneón Limassol.

Sophia Chatzipavlou
A real talent, experienced in lots of different kinds of dances since the age of 8 After more than a decade of dancing particularly modern and latin dances, Sophia was introduced to tango in
2017 She started as student of Grigoris and from the very beginning because of her love to tango and her high potentials, she had become his dance partner. Since then, together they have
attended to many seminars and workshops with different teachers from all over the world.
Sunday, March, 24, 17:00
Nia Resortwear Fashion Show: Style with Intention
NIA is a Resortwear fashion brand Inspired by reiki to empower women to feel good and look good. The colored orientated collections use natural fabrics and encourage one to introduce color to their wardrobe. Nia is more than just a brand it is a lifestyle.
Sunday, March, 24, 16:00
Free Zumba Masterclass from Zumba Instructors of Cyprus
On Sunday, March, 24 at 4 p.m. Zumba trainers Evi Papadopoulou, Marianna Akona, Anna Antoniadou, Sara Georgiou, Victoria Chapidou, Marina Chrisanthou and Hliana Constantinou will feature a free Zumba masterclass.

Kids and their parents are also welcome at Zumbakids on Saturday at 11 a.m.!
Saturday, March, 23, 13:30
Glamformation by Ilona
Professional Make-up Artist ILONA GARAMVOLGYI has worked with some of the most celebrated people in Europe and Hollywood. Her training and education, along with her affable personality provides her clients with a dependable, detail-oriented, and multi-faceted professional to add to the success of the creative team of any project, within the production budget and schedule, regardless of the nature, scope or location.

The last 11 years Ilona has been based in Cyprus and has a very successful portfolio on the Island with many Magazines, TV shows, Fashion shows, Celebrities from Greece and Cyprus as well as a TV Production with Vassilis Mazomenos – Guilt.

Nowadays Ilona has her own Makeup School, and creating her own brand. ( ILONA MAKEUP)

Glamour makeup: The Look. The makeup look has strong eye definition, radiant skin and defined lips. The edgy feel of the style comes from the inclusion of on trend makeup details and an overall great sense of style. The modern edge of this glamour makeup and it's 'cool' spin has made this look very popular, particularly celebrities.
Sunday, March, 24, 16:30
SS-2019 Milavitsa & Alisee Llingerie and Swimwear Catwalk
Watch the video ►
For about 110 years MILAVITSA has been producing lady's lingerie, being one of the biggest lingerie producer in Eastern Europe. The company's products are successfully sold in more than 25 countries around the world and are characterized by high quality, original and fashionable designs.

Alisee is a French lingerie brand acquired by Milavitsa. Alisee collection is designed and styled by European professionals. Tailored by Milavitsa to fit local market specifics.
Saturday, March, 23, 15:00
Georgios Iosif's Workshop: Spring Makeup Fantasy
Georgios Iosif graduated from the Private School of Makeup "ZERVA" in Nicosia and then attended classes by Mrs. Nana Zerva in Thessaloniki. He collaborated with magazines where he made makeup for photography as well as theaters where he edited theatrical makeup. For two years, he was the editor of the first Theodis Night Show in Cyprus and worked as a makeup consultant at Impophar.
Sunday,March, 24, 12:30
Bubble Show and Mirror Unicorns
Unforgettable shows by Cyprus Show company. These brilliant sparkling characters will delight the crowd bursting out into dance moves to cast spectacular reflections on the surroundings.

Contact details for exhibitors, sponsors and speakers

Ms. Marina Michailidou, Events Manager (General Information)
Mobile: 99449557, Office: 25590530,
Languages: Russian, Greek, English

Mr. Sean Alimov, Commercial Director (Sponsorship Packages)
Mobile: 97754126, Office: 25 590530,
Languages: Russian, English

Ms. Olesia Ermolaeva, Sales Executive (Stand & Exhibitor Reservations)
Mobile: 99677965, Office: 25590530,
Languages: Russian, Greek, English

Ms. Irina Patsalidou, Sales Executive (Lectures, Presentations, Promotional Activities)
Mobile: 97745594, Office: 25590530,
Languages: Russian, Greek, English

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Throughout the Forum, the organisers will have official photographers taking photographs and videos for promotional purposes. Upon buying a ticket (online or at the door) visitors to the Forum are giving their consent to the organisers to be included in the photographs and videos.
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