Participation Rules & Regulations

Massage categories:

1. Freestyle Massage: combination of different types of massage techniques, mobilization massage, bodywork etc.
2. Freestyle Sports Massage: deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy (MFR), muscle energy technique (MET), neuromuscular techniques, stretching etc.


1. Each massage therapist can participate in one or both categories.
2. Non-English-speaking participants can bring their own translator for briefing speeches and general communication.
3. Dress code: Participants are allowed to wear personal sponsorship clothing or any other national suit that fits the category.
4. Participants are expected to bring their own sheets, towels, tools, and any other accessories they need, and which must be used in the treatment.
5. The person receiving the massage must wear underwear at all times. Women must have their chest covered. Therapists are advised to cover or drape the areas of the body that are not being treated at any given time.
6. No cameras are allowed during the competition. Unauthorized use of cameras and recordings can lead to expulsion from the competition.
7. Therapists are required to have insurance cover for themselves as well as the person being treated in the course of the competition.
8. Our absolute zero tolerance policy will be applied strictly to any inappropriate behavior. Any massage of a sensual/sexual nature will lead to the immediate disqualification and expulsion from the competition.
9. No chiropractic and osteopathic manipulations are permitted during the competition.
10. The Organization will be responsible for the choice of music to be played during the Cyprus Massage Competition.
11. Participation Fee: €80 per participant.

Competition area:

The competition will take place in a single area with 10 massage beds. Participants may adjust the height of the beds to suit their purposes. Participants will be divided into as many groups of 10 per category as needed. A draw will decide which bed is allocated to which participant. The duration of each round is 60 minutes. Participants have approximately 5 minutes to examine the person being treated before starting the massage.

Panel of Judges:

The panel of judges consists of members of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Spa Association as well as selected representatives of the Cyprus Spa and Beauty industry. All are skilled experts in their field. The judges will evaluate the participants and award points separately for each of the following criteria:
  • Techniques
  • Ergonomics
  • Flow
  • Innovation and development of new methods
  • Client contact
Judges are not obliged to share feedback and scores with the participants, neither during nor after the competition.
All decisions regarding the competition are made by the judges collectively to ensure maximum fairness.
The therapist who obtains the highest overall score will be the winner the competition and will be awarded the title of Overall Cyprus Champion in Massage 2024.

Competition criteria:

During the Cyprus Massage Competition, the focus is on techniques, ergonomics and overall performance in each massage category.
The judges are specialists and highly experienced professionals in the specific category.
Techniques: Different techniques may be used in each category. They will be assessed in terms of efficacy and innovation, from both the therapist's and client's perspective.
Ergonomics:This refers to the way the therapists use their own body, their work environment, and their equipment and accessories.
Flow: This refers to the uninterrupted continuity of movement and variation of techniques performed by the therapist.
Each judge will evaluate the participants in their own field of expertise and in close consultation with the other judges.

Awarding Ceremony

Sunday 7th of April at 14:00 at the Main Stage