Programme of the last Forum
(the next forum is scheduled for spring 2023)
SATURDAY 26.09.2020
11:00 Bubble Show for Kids
12:00 Alena Gray School of Art performing
12:30 Opening Ceremony
14:00 Hollywood hair style in 10 min
15:00 Zumba master-class
16:00 Make-up Presentation Soritis Lovaris Beauty Academy
17:00 Brazilian Zouk Master-class
18:00 Children Fashion Show
18:30 Fashion Show
19:00 Musical Stars Show
11:00-18:00 - Presentations of companies-participants, lectures, seminars.
SUNDAY 27.09.2020
11:00 Kids Show
11:30 Children Fashion Show
12:00 Zumba Master-class Children
13:00 Natalia Lavrenova Innovations in cosmetics. Live Creme Production Demonstration
14:00 "Dance & Fitness Studio Prime" performance
16:00 Children Fashion Show
16:30 Fashion Show
11:00-18:00 - Presentations of companies-participants, lectures, seminars.

All the seminars and workshops are free for the visitors.
Saturday, September, 26, 14:00
Hollywood hair style in 10 minutes
True beauty doesn't require much time, but skills and inspiration. Moscow top-stylist Archie Danielyan will show during his workshop how to create a chic Hollywood hairstyle in just 10 minutes!

Archie studied at Persona Image Lab, he has been a stylist for over 10 years. He works with all popular coloring trends and creates looks for fashion campaigns and his star clients.
Saturday, September, 26, 19:00
Star Show
The Star Show! They're cool, they're hot, they're fun! Don't miss it! Saturday 21/03 at 19:00 on the stage of the forum Health & Beauty Star Show!
Saturday, September, 26, 11:00
Soap Bubbles Show
Soap Bubbles Show by @kidseventcyprus is one of those programs you want to see again and again!

With professional equipment and skillful hands, the artist will create many interesting and unusual tricks!

In the program of soap bubbles show:
Bright suits and props
Tricks with steam and fire Soap illusion
Giant plumes
Bubble-Diving Soap Cake
And much more!
Zumba classes for kids and adults
Hliana Constantinou
Philippa Kyprianou
Victoria Demetriou